Covestro expanding film production in Dormagen

Covestro expanding film production… Covestro is expanding its production capacity for polycarbonate films at the Dormagen site. The company is investing roughly EUR 20 million in the construction of a new coextrusion plant for high-quality, multilayer flat films, including the associated infrastructure and logistics. The plant is scheduled to come on stream in 2017. The products are used in security cards, automotive interiors, medical devices and displays. 15 new jobs will be created for the operation of the plant.

"With this investment we are significantly expanding our films business,” said Daniel Meyer, head of the Coatings, Adhesives and Specialties Segment. “At the same time, we are expanding our range of tailored products, which offer added value along the entire value chain."

Nina Schmarander, global head of Specialty Films at Covestro, added:
"With the new plant, we are orienting ourselves more than ever on market trends and the rising demand for high-quality flat films. For us it is a further developmental step for multilayer film structures, such as those used for counterfeit-proof identity cards."

Covestro offers a diverse range of polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer films for a wide variety of applications, as well as a range of high-quality specialty films. Development activities in Europe are managed by three competence centers in Dormagen, Leverkusen and Bomlitz, Germany. They are equipped with state-of-the-art production, processing and testing systems.

Specialized on polycarbonate flat films, the center in Dormagen is home to production, a technical center for film processing, a showroom and two research laboratories, which have been totally re-equipped. The other two competence centers located in Leverkusen and Bomlitz are dedicated to film coating and thermoplastic elastomer films, respectively.

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