Contrex at Plast 2023

Contrex at Plast 2023

Contrex is an Italian company of the Moretto group. It is specialized in the design, development and production of extrusion control systems, focusing on cooling rings with thermal modulation and integrated thickness control, supervision systems with OPC-UA communication protocols for blown film extrusion processes.

Contrex has a strong experience based on over 40 years of international experience and it is the ideal partner for all flexible packaging producers. Contrex counts on a highly qualified professional team who offers application and process consultancy in all transformation phases - from storage logistics to distribution of raw materials within the production department - recommending the best solutions for each extrusion process. Contrex is a well-known company with a strong innovation sense, oriented towards the technological development of highly performing solutions.

Plast fair will be the occasion to present the best solutions for blown film extrusion to the international market. First of all, Gramixo, continuous loss-in-weight batch blender, able to handle up to six components. The free weighing inclined mixer ensures proper mixing of all ingredients. Extreme dosing precision is guaranteed by the exclusive double eyelid shutter device that allows dosing control in just 25 milliseconds; a reaction time ten times faster than traditional systems on the market. Thanks to the VIS (Vibration Immunity System), a special control algorithm that identifies and smooths out dosing peaks caused by system vibrations, Gramixo can be installed directly on the extruder with the certainty of keeping the weight per meter ratio set constant throughout the process. The supplied 10’’ touch view control with icon-based interface allows an easy and intuitive management of the dosing process.

Gramixo, continuous loss-in-weight batch blender

Exposed also Graviko, continuous loss-in-weight multicomponent dosing system with automatic weight/meter adjustment that can be installed in all 24/7 production plants (films, tubes, profiles or sheets in mono and co-extrusion). An accurate, self- adaptive dosing system designed to handle up to six components allowing a large number of configurations. It can dose and keep constant over time even the lowest weights thanks to specifically designed dosing units. It is easy to program thanks to the 22-inch touch view control that allows fully automatic management of the production parameters at all stages of the production process. Graviko verifies that the doser adapts to the performance and the result of the finished product. It controls the extrusion process and acts on its speed through the thickness and/or dimensional control of the extruder.
A real synchronism between doser, extruder, haul-off and finished product.
Graviko is equipped with stainless steel hoppers and it is immune to vibrations.

Graviko, continuous loss-in-weight multicomponent dosing system

Gramixo and Graviko are reliable, modular and user-friendly machines.

In addition to dosing systems, the Contrex range includes also the efficient Discovery cooling rings available in two versions: the one with a cooling insert and the second one with fully automatic sectoral thermal modulation that allows precise thickness adjustment thanks to its unique design. Discovery generates different air flows to ensure the right point-to-point thickness adjustment and increases cooling efficiency with reduced energy consumption. The cooling flows in combination with the thermos-regulated sectors enable proper blown support and consistent gauge control along the entire circumference, offering a substantial increase in productivity.

Cooling ring Discovery

Navigator 9000 allows an easy management of the discovery cooling rings. It is a control system that supervises the production parameters through a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface, speeding up the creation of new recipes and material changes, while reducing start-up and production changes.

Want to know more? We look forward to seeing you at Plast in Milan.