Competek: a new successful project for Molson Coors Beverage Company

Competek: a new successful…

Molson Coors Beverage Company, one of the leading companies in the Beverage Industry, has been providing consumers worldwide with fine and tasty beers for 200 years now.

To further strengthen its presence on the Bulgarian market, the group decided to give a modern twist to its local beer brands by revamping their PET packaging and Competek resulted to be the perfect partner for the project. Kamenitza, Burgasko and Astika are now conquering the market sporting a brand-new eye-catching look.

Competek engineers developed the new packaging considering Molson Coors objectives in terms of productivity, costs, market needs and above all existing line limitations, as the three brands were already sharing a common shape in different formats and differed one from another in terms of colour and label.

Competek brought the game to another level suggesting to design one shape only declined in a 1L,2L and 2,3L format and further differentiate the product on the shelf enriching each brand packaging with refined decorations on bottle body. The entire design phase was carried out with the important collaboration of Gentlebrand, the Italian branding & design agency, thus obtaining a bottle which really stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to Competek approach to Sustainable Packaging Solutions, the 6 molds series for Krones delivered were designed to fully optimize the format change activity therefore reducing down-time and retrieving when possible parts of the existing molds, thus truly helping the customer in saving costs

In addition to the packaging engineering and molds manufacturing, an important part of the project involved Competek laboratory which tested the mechanical performance of the bottles. To this end a pilot mold and a set of bottles were produced at Competek premises. A successful project, designed to completely satisfy customer’s needs in a pure Competek style.