Colines keeps investing on its after-sale service

Colines keeps investing on…

Colines keeps expanding its after-sale service, by starting the partnership with two further local teams in Brazil and Algeria (in photo, our Sales Area Manager for Algeria, Lorenzo Paggi, and our Customer Service Manager, Davide Nardini, welcoming Yacine Benakmoume, who is based in Algeria and will be in charge of the whole North and french-speaking countries in Africa, on board).

Colines can now count on seven different local teams (Polonia and former CIS states, Latin America, Brazil, Turkiye, North America, India and North Africa) for on-site assistance worldwide, in addition to the remote assistance managed in the company's headquarters in Italy.

The availability of Colines technical team for on-site repairs and the remote assistance guarantee our non-stop cooperation in product maintenance, 365 days a year, round-the-clock. A laboratory equipped with advanced instruments and pilot production lines is constantly in operation. Our tehnicians are able to give support from 8AM to 11PM CET, by using all the latest technologies, such as AR-assistance (AR stands for Augmented Reality).

"Colines after-sales assistance service is based on the principles of prompt response and direct contact," explains Davide Nardini, Customer Care Service Manager at Colines. "Unlike other industry operators, we quickly process every request without resorting to 'bots' or call centers. Our specialized technicians directly address the needs of our customers, providing a very rapid initial response to each request and often solving the problem remotely, thanks to our extremely high technological standards. If a personal intervention is required, having a structure with seven operational teams in different parts of the globe allows us to guarantee fast times for the customer's on-site visit, thus minimizing any inconvenience".