Chinaplas 2012

Chinaplas 2012
What will the future automobile be like? Will factors like energy saving, eco-friendliness, advance safety level overpower the routine selection criteria such as speed or design?

According to industry report, plastics is much lighter than steel and other vehicle materials and its ability to absorb energy is good to offer buffering effect during collision. Such feature turns plastics to be a crucial automotive parts and an ideal substitution of steel. Undoubtedly, industrial plastics can fit well into the advance development of the automotive industry, to pursue with the emphasis of energy saving, environmental friendliness and enhance safety. It is obvious that the plastics usage in the making of automotive is under rapid growth and such trend is expected to continue in the coming years.

The use of plastics in the automotive industry in developed countries accounted for 7% of total consumption and is expected to reach 10-11% soon. Based on this upward trend, it is believed that the ideal scenario of producing the 100% plastics-made automobile will turn into reality in near future.

The organizer of Chinaplas, Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd, strives to contribute to the plastics and rubber industries, to ride on its effective communication platform to promote sustainable properties of plastics and rubber in different applications, and to cultivate, develop and promote the forward-looking "Green" concept.


Through the collaboration between students of University, experts from the automotive and the plastics/rubber industries, a concurrent event named "Future Zone" will be held during show period. The concurrent event is composed of two parts, the first part named "Nurturing Our Future" program combines plastics/rubber applications, technology and innovation that leads to a brand new design of a "Future Car". The second part is called "Premium Design Gallery" which will showcase a series of new, unique design of various plastic-made end products.

Ms Ada Leung, Assistant General Manager of Adsale stated that this program is to promote cooperation between the commercial and academic field in terms of three aspects: Application, Technology, Innovation - Theory. It is exciting to see the project being kicked off and it is full of expectation to wait for the outcome of the combination of the industry's strengths in plastics/rubber applications, the innovative spirit and creativity of students. A bonus credit if it arouses public attention on the importance of eco-friendly concept in our future living.

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