Borealis polypropylene innovation for thinwall containers and lids

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions, launches a new soft and very transparent polypropylene (PP) for the packaging market that will bring new features to the production of high quality, thinwalled packaging and household containers.

New Borsoft SG220MO is a pure PP solution that simplifies production, adds material cost-saving benefits and delivers the performance benefits essential to the successful production of complex, sturdy, see-through thinwall containers with easy-to-open lids, even in refrigerator environments.

- A growing number of houseware and thinwall packaging applications require a combination of transparency and softness that is currently difficult to attain cost-effectively," comments Morten Augestad, Application Marketing Manager for Borealis` Moulding Business Unit. "At Borealis we strive to deliver step change innovations that give the industry players what they need to remain competitive. We are confident that Borsoft SG220MO can provide the added product performance and processing value to help them achieve exactly that.

Based on Borealis` proprietary Borstar PP 2G technology, Borsoft SG220MO provides a unique combination of performance properties. Where PP random is considered too rigid for easy to open lids, SG220MO shows the needed flexibility.

In addition to providing outstanding transparency equivalent to that of PP random copolymers, the material`s high flow, good dimensional stability and impact resistance allow the straight-forward production of complex shapes with both low warpage and very good hinge integration.

As an added benefit, the excellent stress whitening resistance and high gloss of Borsoft SG220MO mean that lids and containers retain their performance and high quality appearance over long-term use.

The high flow simplifies production by allowing easy filling of complicated container shapes and designs. In addition, the 100% single-material PP solution eliminates the need to mix different materials, reducing the number of production steps and increasing cost efficiency in material.

SG220MO offers full food compliance with low hexane extractables and good organoleptic properties for food packaging and containers.