Borealis inaugurated revolutionary catalyst plant in Linz

Construction of the new Borealis Sirius catalyst plant was completed within only two years. "The decision in favour of Linz was made on the basis of a pan-European competition for this location," Gerhard Roiss explains. "And once again, the province of Upper Austria proved its ability to recognize pioneering developments when they see them and to take the necessary support decisions very quickly. This is yet another milestone for the Austrian plastics industry. Furthermore, the plant will act as a stimulus for the rest of the Upper Austrian economy as well as its R&D and science landscape."

"With its production expansion in Linz Borealis is providing additional economic stimulus for Upper Austria. Companies like Borealis drive research and development, and as numerous studies have clearly shown, companies which invest significant amounts in R&D create more jobs than other companies," says Reinhold Mitterlehner, Austrian Federal Minister of Economy. "Exploiting synergies between science and industry is especially vital for the long-term development and success of business locations," Reinhold Mitterlehner concludes.

The province of Upper Austria took decisive support measures to ensure that Borealis decided in favour of the province. Research grants, the promotion of plastics competence at the JKU Linz as well as general economic subsidies are part of the comprehensive package offered by the province of Upper Austria.
"Bolstering the field of polymer chemistry at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz also enhances the appeal of Upper Austria as a location for science and research," says Doris Hummer, member of Upper Austrian parliament and Upper Austrian Science & Research Minister. "Five new institutes of international calibre, all focused on the common theme of plastics and polymers, have now been founded at JKU. In the last five years alone, the province of Upper Austria has invested more than EUR 9 million in creating the requisite research infrastructure," Hummer explains. "The next step will be the creation of a centre for industrial catalysts at JKU. The centre will be funded by the province of Upper Austria and will function as the scientific counterpart to the Borealis Sirius catalyst plant. Even at this early stage, around 200 students are already participating in the programme and by the end phase we expect this number to rise to around 400."

"Borealis is a prime example of the ideal partner for Upper Austria as a location for science and research. The close collaboration between science, business and industry has a long tradition in this province," Doris Hummer continues. "And everyone benefits from such collaboration - not only those studying or working at universities but also the scientists at Borealis themselves. Researchers work in fertile environments, and students benefit from the close proximity to research practice."

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