Bole strengthens its presence in the UK market

Bole strengthens its presence…

Bole has been present in the UK market since 2015, when Bole injection moulding machines were first delivered to the UK market. In February this year, the UK company became a direct part of Bole Europe Technology, which is responsible for the European area.

The expansion of Bole Machinery's presence in the UK market marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. Emerging onto the scene in 1998, Bole Intelligent Machinery Co. Ltd swiftly evolved into a formidable force within China's injection moulding machine sector. Their commitment to innovation became evident in 2002 with the introduction of the first 1,000-tonne injection moulding machine, setting a precedent for future advancements.

Subsequent years saw Bole's relentless pursuit of technological excellence, culminating in the development of super energy-efficient servo injection moulding machines in 2005 and the establishment of a sprawling 90,000m² industrial park in 2007. The unveiling of the EK series machines in 2007, featuring central clamping toggle technology patented in 2011, further solidified Bole's reputation as an industry leader.


With the establishment of BOLE Europe Technology Co. Ltd. Sp. z o.o. in Poland in 2019, Bole Machinery embarked on a journey to conquer the European market. Meanwhile, in the UK, Bole Machinery steadily garnered recognition, with Hardeep Khera attesting to their growing prominence at interplas 2023 in Birmingham.

As Hardeep Khera, responsible for the UK market, recalls: "The UK is a difficult market, but thanks to our work we have become an established player. In the beginning, our West Midlands based branch acted as an agent, and now, through our joint work and understanding, we have developed into the Bole branch".

“The recent integration of Bole Machinery UK into Bole Europe Technology exemplifies the company's commitment to the UK market. This strategic move promises numerous advantages for customers and signifies a pivotal step in Bole's European expansion strategy”, says Vladimir Dunajewski, CEO Bole Europe Technology.

“Bole's brand presence in Europe is set to soar, fueled by an ever-expanding agent network and a steadfast dedication to excellence”, adds Vladimir Dunajewski.