Best fiscal year ever for Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems

Best fiscal year ever for Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems
Erema continues with the positive development of recent years. The Austrian manufacturer of recycling best fiscal year of all time.

This result represents an increase of 40 per cent compared to the previous year and is also around 25 per cent up on the former record year 2007/08 prior to the economic crisis. Erema produced 200 recycling systems and 100 individual components (such as screen changers and pelletisers, for example) for customers around the globe in the fiscal year which has just ended.

Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. located in Ansfelden near Linz offers plastic recycling systems for both the in-house recycling of production waste and strongly contaminated post-consumer waste.
Together with its subsidiaries Erema North America Inc. in Ipswich, MA and 3S GmbH in Roitham near Gmunden the company has been committed to a consistent and sustainable growth strategy for many years, which can be seen in the consolidated group turnover for 2011/12 at approx. €127 million.

The success stems primarily from the classic Erema technology which continues to lead the way throughout the world as the leading standard. "The combination of cutter/compactor and extruder forms the heart of the classic Erema systems and gives you a great opportunity to use them for a wide variety of recycling jobs and applications according to the design," says Manfred Hackl, CEO at Erema. TVEplus technology, for example, sets new standards here when recycling severely contaminated post-consumer plastic waste and heavily printed and laminated film packaging in-house.

All the main fields of business, however, contribute without exception to the company's growth. Since it was launched, the patented Vacurema process has become the most successful PET recycling technology and records increasing market shares in Europe and the USA as announced recently.

Erema customers benefit not only from the high quality of the pellets but also from the environmentally friendly ecoSAVE design of the recycling systems. This overall package of engineering and process-oriented measures reduces energy consumption by up to 10 per cent. Erema once again proves its competence in uniting both the technical and the economic requirements of the end users.

It is not only the countless patents and particularly energy-saving, environmentally friendly systems but also and above all the proactive commitment to the customers and the dedicated Erema employees that foster the continuous growth. "Since Erema was founded 29 years ago we have concentrated on being able to offer our customers ever improving and stronger performing technologies," says Hackl, summing up. This is our driving force and has made us what we are today: the number one in plastic recycling systems."

Best fiscal year ever for Austrian manufacturer of recycling systems.