BOY shows product-specific range at Plastpol

BOY shows product-specific…

Two completely different types of injection moulding machines will be presented by BOY at the Plastpol plastics trade fair (24 - 27 May) in Kielce / Poland. While the largest BOY injection moulding machine - the BOY 125 E with a horizontal clamping force of 1,250 kN - represents the upper limit of the BOY- product range, the BOY 25 E VV with a clamping force of 250 kN is the most widely manufactured BOY insert moulding machine.

At the trade fair booth of the Polish BOY-Representative 1. PLASTCOMPANY Polska Sp. z.o.o., a BOY 125 E produces cutting pads made of Polypropylene. The injection-moulded parts are removed from the mould by the BOY LR 5 linear handling system. This handling system, developed by BOY has three linear axes and pneumatic rotary and swivel axes, which also allow simultaneous movements of the axes. Long-term- measurements show a repeatability of the position of less than ± 0.1 mm for the respective axes. According to the applicable Machinery Directive, this linear handling system is considered an "incomplete machine". Therefore, the intended operation is only possible in connection with an injection moulding machine with an adapted safety-related enclosure.

Insert moulding machine BOY 25 E VV

Insert moulding of insert components is one of BOY's core competences. Special insert moulding machines with a vertically arranged clamping unit and, in particular, with a fixed lower clamping platen are attracting attention. This prevents insert components from slipping during the closing process. For these applications, the BOY product-programme includes machine s from 100 to 600 kN clamping force. The BOY 25 E VV presented at Plastpol with a vertical clamping force of 250 kN also scores with a footprint of just 1.37 m² and plenty of space on the rear machine table for peripheral equipment and automation devices. Alternative to the standard vertical injection unit, a BOY 25 E VH is available with a horizontal unit for the injection into the parting line. This means that gating marks on the moulded part are not visible. Complex hot-runner technologies are not required.

The trade fair team of the Polish BOY-Representation is well prepared for the upcoming discussions at Plastpol and looks forward to interesting expert talks with the trade fair visitors.