BOY presented smart solutions to the current challenges of the plastics industry

BOY presented smart solutions…

The currently explosive topic of energy efficiency and the exorbitant rise in energy costs as well as the sustainability of production processes determined a large part of the discussions at the K-trade fair in Düsseldorf. The need to significantly reduce energy consumption in the production of plastic parts by using more efficient machines was omnipresent. Many companies are currently doing everything to significantly improve their own productivity in the future. With its energy-efficient E-series, BOY offers injection moulding machines in the clamping force range from 63 to 1250 kN.  

At K 2022, the range of the E-series was extended with the new BOY XS E, an even more efficient solution. The trade fair premiere impressed visitors with its compact dimensions (footprint 0.87 m²), the efficient servo-drive and two selectable clamping-platen- configurations. A height adjustment of the injection unit for decentralised gating is optionally available. According to BOY, the interest of the users in the new BOY XS E was significantly higher than originally expected.


With a higher CPU-power, a larger working memory and a high-resolution screen, BOY gets ready for increasing demands with the ALPHA 6. The connection to a host computer system according to EM77 is part of the interface package. The same applies to the WLAN-stick, which allows an uncomplicated integration into the company network. The condition of the BOY injection moulding machine can be monitored with the company network via a smartphone and the BOY status app. The optionally available BOY- Moulding-Assist supports the operator directly at the machine. Based on the comparison of different error images with a company-internal database, solution strategies are offered to the user and the results are then returned into the database.

The newly developed BOY-cooling-water-distribution with digital flow measurement (in future standard for all BOY injection moulding machines) attracted the visitors’ interest.

With best performance classifications up to 9+ (0.31 kWh per kilogram of material processed according to Euromap 60.1), BOY injection moulding machines offer efficient solutions to absorb the increased energy costs. In addition, every kWh saved prevents the generation of CO2 emissions. Every kWh that is not consumed means 0.366 kg less CO2 pollution. Thus, in the three-shift operation of a BOY E-series injection moulding machine, several tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved annually compared to machines with older drive technologies.
"The current situation with the high energy costs makes the change to more efficient machines much more attractive, even necessary from an economic point of view and ecologically sensible. The investments in new machines are paying off much faster for the users than before" is the statement of Alfred Schiffer, Managing Partner at BOY.

During the eight days of the trade fair, the machine manufacturer located in Neustadt-Fernthal once again registered many visitors at its booth. These trade visitors did not want to miss the chance to take part in the presentations of new machines and automations, future-oriented technologies and the increasing digitalisation possibilities in the plastics industry.  

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