At the Crossroads of the Plastics Market and Trade: Shaping a Global Industry

At the Crossroads of the Plastics…
IHS Chemical’s Global Plastics Trade & Markets Conference is drawing near! This 2-day event will offer comprehensive information and analyses that cover the entire plastics supply chain, from resin production to pellet delivery.

The program will feature plastics outlooks from top experts from IHS Chemical, plus major producers, processors, traders, and distributors from across the global plastics supply chain, including:
  • Bayer MaterialScience — Okan Dinçdoğdu, Turkey Country Representative/Polycarbonates
  • Biesterfeld Plastic GmbH — Carsten Harms, Managing Director
  • Borealis — Thorsten Loehl, Marketing Manager Film & Fibre
  • EQUATE Petrochemical Company — Pieter Platteeuw, Senior Vice President
  • INDEVCO/ NAPCO Group — Hanna Saad, Executive Vice President
  • INEOS ChlorVinyls — Jonathan Stewart, Head of Global Sales
  • SEM Plastik — Yavuz Eroglu, President
  • Styron Europe GmbH — Murat Orhon, Sales Director, Plastics – Europe/IMEA
  • Tricon Energy — Cem Doganca, PE Product Manager/EMEA and CIS.

  • Sessions will also include market/trade flow outlooks for plastics feedstocks, PE, polyester, PET, PP, PS, and engineering plastics by top IHS Chemical experts:

    Plastics Production and Trade Overviews
  • Overview and Trends of Plastics Production and Trade
  • Trade Issues in the Global Plastics Industry
  • New Developments in Plastics Applications
  • Turkey as a Hub for the Plastics Trade
  • Strategies for Success by Traders, Distributors, and Producers

  • Logistics, Risk, and Energy
  • Global Outlook of Shipping Logistics
  • Land Transportation Logistics
  • Mitigating Risk: Inventory Management
  • Energy and Feedstock Outlook

  • Market Outlooks/Trade Flows
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene and Compounds
  • PVC
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Polyester/PET

  • Find out more information and register at: