Artenius Fastflow+: the latest generation of reheat PET resin

Artenius Fastflow+: the latest generation  of reheat PET resin
Artenius, the PET & Recycling Division of LSB, has developed a new PET packaging material: Artenius FastFlow+. This new resin has been designed and developed based on Artenius’ well-established and acknowledged experience in resin formulation.

Artenius FastFlow+ is the latest generation of “fast-reheat” PET resins, and is built on the success of Artenius’ hugely successful FastFlow resin.

Artenius FastFlow+ works by capturing heat energy in the blowing process more efficiently, thereby reducing the overall amount needed. This leads to energy savings of more than 20% in comparison to standard PET resins, and can also allow for a higher production output of bottles per hour. This means that as well as saving cost, an important reduction in carbon footprint is also achievable.

Thanks to its optimised formulation, Artenius FastFlow+ offers wider injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) and stretch blow molding (SBM) windows. It also offers the ability to blow thinner walled preforms into more complex bottle shapes that otherwise would not be possible. Its intrinsic viscosity level is consistent with market needs, and is especially suited for light-weighting initiatives.

Artenius FastFlow+ has superior reheat absorption, even at ultra-high speed stretch blow moulding. The new formulation includes a new additive for absorbing Near Infra-Red (NIR) radiation, to heat up the polymer allowing less energy consumption when blowing the preform into bottle.

The faster absorption of heat inside the preform results in a more efficient blowing process. Even in older blow moulding machines, which can be heat input limited, Artenius FastFlow+ provides the opportunity to optimize throughput rates. Internal benchmarking by Artenius shows that this new resin offers best in class energy savings; not only compared with standard resins but with other fast reheat PET grades on the market.

Artenius FastFlow+ is characterised by exceptional colour; its luminescence has a minimal impact on the final product and it has excellent clarity and ultra-low haze.

The novel additive used in the manufacture of this superior reheat resin: Artenius FastFlow+, is approved for use in plastics intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. It is in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 10/2011. Furthermore, this additive is approved by U.S FDA and EFSA.