Arpro re-usable transport packaging ensures a panoramic view for Mercedes

Arpro re-usable transport packaging ensures a panoramic view for Mercedes
Daimler and Webasto are using specially designed, reusable, recyclable Arpro dunnage to ensure repeatable quality-on-arrival to the assembly line for all types of Mercedes sunroofs.

Improved manufacturing techniques mean that new panoramic sunroofs, often reaching from the front to the rear window, are being designed into ever more cars. But large, expensive and fragile, complex glass parts such as sun roofs need serious protection in transport.

Arpro dunnage containers shuttling back and forth between parts-suppliers and OEMs are so extensively used because they are financially-astute assets. In fact, investment in reusable shipping containers for components like sunroofs has a very quick payback. Firstly, Arpro dunnage will outlast the life of the vehicle model, and in addition to reduced scrap and associated downtime, there is reduced consumable-material and reduced process costs. Further, in an industry increasingly concerned with its green credentials, ARPRO dunnage’s reduced environmental impact in use and recyclability become ever more important.

This is not the first time that Daimler, Webasto and Arpro have worked together. “We regularly work with Arpro because we can rely on a dynamic solution. There are a variety of hazards when you ship sun roofs,” says Eva-Maria Seemüller from Webasto. “The dunnage needs to absorb vibrations, prevent moisture and be durable and resistant to temperature changes. We’ve found that protection in Arpro.”

Sunroofs, securely packaged in Arpro dunnage are also being shipped to Daimler plants in Brazil, South Africa and China. It is now possible to ship more than the usual number of sunroofs, as because of Arpro’s structural strength the overall load weight is still reduced compared to more traditional methods.

“Reusable packaging is an increasingly important element in many supply chains, not just the automotive industry” says JSP President and Chief Executive Officer - Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Paul Compton. “Arpro is an environmentally effective and flexible way to transport any number of delicate or awkward products.”

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