Arkema presents its coating solutions to extend returnable bottle lifetime

Arkema presents its coating solutions to extend returnable bottle lifetime
Arkema, a global leader in returnable glass container coating technology, communicates with the beer filling industry on its know-how in the field of returnable glass bottle protection.

The Kercoat protective technology together with the Opticoat masking coating provide optimum performance to a returnable bottle fleet by significantly increasing the lifetime and enhancing the appearance to fulfil customers' expectations.
Today brand image and sales are impacted by bottle appearance. Fillers in the beer, soft drinks and mineral water markets indeed focus on the attractive appearance of bottles, a steadily growing requirement to win over consumers.

Significant scuffing caused by bottle-to-bottle contact during the filling process can have a negative impact on consumers. With the increasing number of bottle return trips, bottle appearance and therefore marketing value drop significantly. A market survey has shown that bottles no longer fulfil the requirements of the premium-packaging segment after 5 refill cycles.
Arkema’s Kercoat and Opticoat solutions are used as protective coatings in filling plants to significantly delay and mask scuffing build-up. Designed to fulfil individual requirements, these solutions come as turnkey installations including technical service, and afford cost savings in maintaining a returnable glass bottle fleet.
“Extending the lifetime of returnable glass bottles has always been a major concern in the beer filling industry. Moreover, the landscape has now changed. The appearance of bottles has become increasingly strategic for fillers due to changing trends in consumer demand. As complementary tools, our Kercoat and Opticoat sustainable solutions meet the requirements of this increasingly exacting market" explains Marc Maggiani, Business Director, in charge of the Global Returnables Business for Arkema.
Kercoat is a protective coating that significantly delays the appearance of scuffing and maintains the burst pressure strength of returnable glass bottles. It further improves production flow, reduces noise levels, and enhances the efficiency of filling plant operations. Praxis has shown a 50% minimum scuffing reduction and therefore a significant extension of returnable glass bottle life. Kercoat supports the overall trend of lighter returnable bottles that results in additional capital savings for breweries and filling plants.
For scuffed bottles, Arkema provides a unique masking coating technology called Opticoat that helps recover lost marketing value. This coating for returnable bottles forms a thin masking layer that restores glass appearance and feel. Opticoat can be applied on dry, wet, warm or cold bottles, is resistant to humidity, and is environmentally sound. With its masking effect, Opticoat can dramatically extend the service life of returnable bottles.


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