Vinyl Products, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products

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Str. 4-8 cours Michelet, la Défense 10
France, F92091 Paris la Défense Cedex


Lacovyl®: cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging
Nakan®: instrument panel coating, medical equipment
Lucobay®: windows and shutters
Bactivel®: bleach, disinfectants

Forane®: refrigeration, air conditioning, blowing agent for insulating foam
Albone®: pulp and textile bleaching, chemical synthesis, water treatment
Aquakeep®: superabsorbents for diaper manufacture
Altuglas®/Plexiglas®: furniture, automotive applications, noise barriers

Rilsan® High Performance Polyamides: anti-corrosion coating, brake circuits, pipes, automotive fuels
Luperox® Organic Peroxides: a polymerization agent used in the design of gaskets, hoses, packaging plastic
Pebax® Polyether Block Amides: athletic shoes, toy manufacturing, watchmaking, automobiles
Kynar® Fluoropolymers: protective coating for the construction industry, chemical engineering and petrochemical equipment

Orgasol® Ultra Fine Powders: Cosmetics

Evatane® Functional Polyolefins
Siliporite® Molecular Sieves


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