Arburg at the Plastpol 2018: cost-effective optical application and LSR processing

Arburg at the Plastpol 2018:… The Plastpol is an important meeting place for the Polish plastics industry. From 22 to 25 May 2018, Arburg will present two injection moulding applications for efficient high-volume production at stand E30 in hall E in Kielce, Poland. An automated Allrounder from the electric Golden Electric series will produce optical components. A hydraulic two-component Allrounder in an LSR version will produce ice scrapers as a hard/soft combination.

"For more than 25 years, we have been providing plastics processors in Poland with high-performance machine technology and excellent service, and have established ourselves as a reliable and competent partner in the market," said Dr Sławomir Śniady, Managing Director of Arburg Polska Sp. z o o. "As our customers are increasingly interested in efficient electric machines and automation, this year we will showcase an Allrounder Golden Electric equipped with a linear Multilift robotic system. A hydraulic two-component Allrounder that processes liquid silicone and thermoplastic will demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of our modular injection moulding machines."

Sophisticated: two-component application

As a trade fair application, a hydraulic two-component Allrounder 570 S with a clamping force of 2,200 kN will produce ice scrapers in a hard-soft combination. The pre-moulded piece is first manufactured from PA using a horizontally arranged size 400 injection unit. A servo-electric index unit turns the 1 + 1-cavity mould from Polarform by 180 degrees. In this position, the liquid silicone (LSR) sealing lip is injection-moulded by the size 170 vertical injection unit via the needle-type shut-off nozzle. This dispenses with the need for automation. An LSR dosing insert from 2KM is used. The cycle time is around 60 seconds and the moulded part weight is 62 grams.

Electric: efficient injection moulding production

Using the example of an optical application, Arburg will demonstrate the enormous potential of the electric Golden Electric series for the cost-efficient automated production of plastic parts at the Plastpol 2018. An Allrounder 570 E Golden Electric with a clamping force of 2,000 kN and size 800 injection unit will produce a magnifying glass weighing 22 grams from PC in a cycle time of around 45 seconds.

Arburg Golden Electric 570E

Dynamic mould temperature control ensures the quality of the optical component. The cavity is first heated during injection and cooled after filling. A linear Multilift Select robotic system removes the moulded parts from the mould and sets them down onto a conveyor belt.

Golden Electric: high-performance, precise, energy-efficient

The Golden Electric series is available in four sizes with clamping forces from 600 to 2,000 kN. The dual five-point toggle system ensures high-performance and fast cycles. The play-free spindle drives operate with great precision. The position-regulated screw ensures excellent moulded part quality. The Allrounder Golden Electric series also features liquid-cooled motors and servo inverters, as well as offering benefits in terms of energy efficiency, short dry cycle times and high reproducibility. Compared to standard hydraulic machines, the high efficiency of the servo motors, continuous power adaptation and energy recovery during braking achieve energy savings of up to 55 percent. The machines are also easy to maintain thanks to swivelling injection units, plug-in cylinder modules and further improved lubrication and cooling.