ArabPlast 2021: Reifenhäuser exhibits PET solution for 100% PCR use in direct food contact

ArabPlast 2021: Reifenhäuser…

The Reifenhäuser Group will exhibit its latest innovations for flat and blown film production at ArabPlast 2021 in Dubai from November 15 to 18 (Hall 8, Booth D104). The trade show is the leading industry event for the plastics and rubber industry in the United Arab Emirates. The Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating business unit, which specializes in flat films, will be presenting its pioneering solution for producing sustainable PET sheet from up to 100% PET bottle scrap (PCR) for direct food contact.

Customers process post consumer recyclate (PCR) on Reifenhäuser MIREX PET sheet lines, not only as an intermediate layer between two outer layers of virgin material, as widely used in the food packaging sector. If required, the film can be made from PCR PET only. The end product meets the highest hygiene standards and can be used safely - even in direct contact with food.  Mark Borutta, Sales & Marketing Manager at Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating, explains: "The use of recyclate and direct food contact were long regarded as a non-feasible combination due to the strict regulations. At Reifenhäuser CSC, we have a ready-to-market technology here that bears the
crucial FDA LNO (Letter of No Objection). We therefore open up a major field of application for high-quality, high-volume plastics recycling for our customers. It provides tremendous leverage to push forward an effective, functioning circular economy."

Sustainable solution for flexible packagings: Reifenhäuser All-PE Pouch.

Another highlight of the MIREX PET sheet lines is PCR flake processing without pre-drying. This is achieved on the tried-and-tested co-rotating twin- screw extruder "REItruder". Processors therefore benefit from lower energy costs, as it eliminates the crystallization and drying steps in the process. In addition, the line features a special backflush filtration system for extremely high melt quality and process consistency. The result is perfect optical and mechanical film properties.  

Ultra Stretch Blown Film: Innovative stretch process produces all-PE film for flexible packaging The Reifenhäuser Blown Film business unit specializing in blown film is also
exhibiting with solutions that produce sustainable end products. The technology answer here is EVO Ultra Stretch - Reifenhäuser's advanced stretching unit for fully recyclable blown film. It allows customers to produce mono-material composites (all-PE film) for flexible packaging and replace the otherwise usual PET layer with stretched PE. With up to 10 times the stretch rate, the Ultra Stretch stretching unit gives PE film completely new mechanical properties. This is a simple replacement for PET and there is no need to adapt other processing steps. The unique and patented position of the stretching unit directly in the haul-off of the blown film line makes the process particularly stable and efficient. Eugen Friedel, Sales Director at Reifenhäuser Blown Film, explains: "The special feature of our solution is that we stretch the film while it is still hot from the extrusion process, at exactly the right time and without reheating. In addition, this also extends the natural cooling phase until the film is wound and gives the film the time it needs to take on its new properties." The Ultra Stretch process is unique on the market and offers decisive advantages over the otherwise usual process of stretching the film between the take-off and the winder.

Reifenhäuser EVO Ultra Stretch: The position of the stretching unit directly in the haul-off of the blown film line is patented and is a unique selling point on the market.

Visitors to the Reifenhäuser booth in Dubai will have the chance to experience the impressive Ultra Stretch technology, as well as the latest blown and flat film lines, on a large screen as part of a virtual 360° tour through the Reifenhäuser Film Technology Center.