Amut congratulates its customer “Bitumat” on a recent flagship project award

Amut congratulates its customer…

We are delighted to receive the official announcement from our valuable client, Bitumat Co. Ltd., about a new landmark project award, for which we congratulate. The leading building materials company, headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributes with its proven expertise and extensive experience to the waterproofing system, for the New Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The waterproofing works were awarded in two phases: Phase I – Basement Waterproofing, completed in year 2020 and Phase II – Roof Waterproofing, works started in June 2021.

The Basement Waterproofing was carried out by using Bitumat Premierflex 2000 4mm Black (230,000 SQM), Bituprotect 4mm Sheets (30,000 SHT) while the Roof Waterproofing will be done with PVC membranes of Bitumat brand Polymat Roof UV-R 2.0 FB (150,000 sqm.).

“The entire waterproofing system was designed and specified to European competitive products. With several technical rounds of Polymat testing and verifications, our managements and export departments discussions and meetings with the clients & consultants, we finally succeeded in changing the specifications to Bitumat products with full support extended to our authorized Applicator Mercury Contracting”, states Mr. Bernard Weissenborn, Bitumat CEO. 


The company supplies a wide range of membranes, with specific technical properties to suit different applications, providing long-term protection.  Bitumat and Amut have a successful business relationship since 2010, when they started to cooperate, on several projects. The latest one consisted in a complete extrusion line for the production of 3-layer reinforced PVC + TPO waterproofing membrane, provided at their Dammam-based manufacturing complex, one of the largest in the world.

Amut custom-engineered extrusion lines produce waterproofing membranes capable to process different thermoplastic materials, such as F/PVC, TPO, TPE which are used to improve the technical performances and the physical features of the membrane, complying with the civil sector international standards and requirements.

Amut technology for synthetic waterproofing membranes is suitable for multi-layers reinforced/non reinforced membrane production in one-step; flexible production with different materials processing on the same line; support base (fleece-back) lamination.

"We are honored to work with a valuable customer such as Bitumat and we extend our deepest appreciation for the outstanding milestone achieved. Our close business relationship is based on a solid cooperation where mutual trust is the key-word. We always strive to be a reliable partner next to our customers, ready to meet and even surpass their expectations” says Mr. Giovanni Cattaneo, Sales Manager Director &Shareholder.