American electro-mobility contains German know-how

Kiefel sales manager Wolfgang Eglseer explains: "Tesla will manufacture more than 2,000 Model 3 vehicles per day. With a product mix, short cycle times and rapid tool changes are indispensable." The new machine concept has proved its worth and achieved a very positive reception in the market. Kiefel has since successfully implemented this in other projects.

One the basis of the positive experiences working together on the Model X, Kiefel machines were selected without hesitation for the Model 3. Speed was of the essence for the new model, Eglseer remembers: "The time pressure was immense. The first discussions took place in June 2016 and the start of production for the Model 3 was June 2017. "Despite the tight timeframe, Kiefel delivered the four vacuum-laminating systems with their laminating tools and the folding machines on schedule.

Eglseer adds, "We also won the contract because we have our own subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico as an international company. In particular, in the US we can provide our own local tooling and a well-equipped Technology Centre." The company used this pilot machine plant near Detroit to produce several 100 pre-production parts on pre-production tools, before the production line for Model 3 was completed.

KIEFEL GmbH develops and produces high quality machines for manufacturing plastic films. Their customers include well-known manufacturers from the automotive, medical engineering, refrigerator and packaging industries. Kiefel is globally present thanks to their own sales and service branches in the USA, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia and India, as well as their sales partners in more than 60 countries.

Kiefel also owns the automotive specialist SWA based in the Czech Republic, the Dutch thermoforming toolmaker Bosch Sprang, and the Austrian Mould & Matic Solutions, supplier of tools and automation solutions. KIEFEL GmbH is a member of the Brückner group based in Siegsdorf, a global leader in constructing machines and system for the plastic and packaging industry with around 2,400 employees. They employ more than 500 people at our headquarters in Freilassing.

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Source: KIEFEL GmbH