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Accurate separation and sorting… At K 2013 S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH is launching a new metal separator the Rapid Pro-Sense. The sorting business unit as a K trade fair highlight is showing the compact, modular, and energy-efficient Flake Purifier for the sorting of plastic flakes.

Using innovative HRF technology (High Resolution Frequency), Rapid Pro-Sense, a system for free-fall applications, features extremely high scanning sensitivity for all metals and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of plastics and compound producers. A particular feature is the modular design. The reject unit can be chosen to match the conveyed material or to meet special customer requirements. Different cleaning and auto-clean features and specific versions for improved wear protection also are available.

For plastics and compound producers the metal-free level is an important quality criterion, and metal separators are expected to perform at a high level. For this target group a metal separator must not only feature highest scanning sensitivity, but also must meet special requirements for example with respect to materials that get into contact with the products, because products frequently contain additives, powders, or abrasive contents such as glass fibres that cause high material wear. Easy cleaning is another important criterion, for example if granulates of different colours are processed successively. Depending on the material to be inspected, S+S supplies the Rapid Pro-Sense metal separator in different versions, for example for easy manual cleaning, with auto-cleaning of the reject unit, for the inspection of powder, with wear protection, for high-temperature applications, or for operation in ATEX zones.

The metal-free level also is vital in plastics processing, where metal separators are generally used for mould and machine protection (injection-moulding, extrusion, blow-moulding). Metal separators increase production efficiency by preventing malfunctions and reduce costs due to damage caused by metal particles in the processed material. At the K S+S is also showing the Protector metal separator in an improved version with reinforcing frame.

The Flake Purifier sorting system is another highlight of the S+S stand. Modular in concept, up to three sensors for contaminant detection can be combined in this system. Apart from sensors for metal and colour separation, the Flake Purifier system also features a high-performance module for the detection of contaminant materials, including different types of plastics. For example, PVC contents or bioplastics such as PLA, which otherwise would mean a considerably reduced quality of the recycled material and could even render high-quality recycling impossible, can be removed from plastic flakes. The intelligent combination with camera sensors makes it possible to identify incorrect colours even with very slight colour shade differences. Metal particles are detected by inductive sensors. An air-blast unit matched to the application ensures the reliable and efficient (little loss of good material, reduced compressed-air requirements) separation of unwanted particles.

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