Zaptech Sp.j. Sobańscy

ZAPTECH plastics recykling from post production waste. Produce: granulates, regrinds, LDPE film and other

Zaptech Sp.j. Sobańscy

Str. Przemysłowa 8
88-160 Janikowo
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Activity descritpion

ZAPTECH is involved in recycling of plastics, manufacturing of regranulates: PC, PMMA, ABS, PC + ABS, PBT, PP, LDPE and other. We have a service of granulating and destruction of data on the optical discs CDs and DVDs.

ZAPTECH also manufactures products of LDPE: hoods, sleeves, small or big covers, bags among others with fragrance, antistatci or anti-corrosion additives, films for seedlings, for mulching, shrink tapes; in option with flexo printing.

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