Styron's powering ideas at K 2013

Styron's powering ideas at K 2013
Styron, the global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber, will be participating at the K-Show, the largest global event for the plastics and rubber industries. As part of the "Powering ideas. Delivering the future" theme, Styron will feature its material solutions in its key strategic markets that address megatrends such as sustainability, lightweighting, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

The K-Show is an ideal platform for Styron to demonstrate its capabilities to solve material challenges for its customers. This year's theme centers on making customers' ideas a reality by showing how Styron's strong engineering capabilities and solutions can help customers be more sustainable and competitive in the future. Styron will be presenting solutions for the following strategic markets:
  • Automotive: Combining strong processing capabilities with solutions
  • Electrical and Lighting: Maximizing light output and safety
  • Medical: High performance materials for medical devices and housings
  • Packaging: Products that protect with a competitive advantage
  • Home Appliances: Plastics that retain their color, shine and impact resistance
  • Consumer Electronics: Electronic applications for high-impact resistance
  • Building & Construction: Resins that are designed for safety, strength and sustainability without detracting from style.
"The K-Show gives us the opportunity to discuss and to listen to our customers' views and gives us insights into ways in which we can help grow their business while strengthening our relationship," said Martin Pugh, Styron SVP and Business President, Plastics. "As a global player, we want to continue to optimize our footprint in these strategic markets, while simultaneously focusing on increasing our production capabilities, new product innovations and enhancing our current products. The "Powering Ideas. Delivering the future" theme directs Styron's focus on our overall objectives to generate powerful solutions that contribute to the success of our customers."

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