Wittmann relies on digital solutions as additional options for contact with customers

Wittmann relies on digital…

Due to the restricted possibilities for direct personal contact, digital platforms to support sales are being discussed everywhere. At Wittmann, too, much thought has been given to the best possible way of reaching and supporting customers and partners during this difficult time – and beyond. Wittmann Interactive is the solution.

By using modern media technology, Wittmann Interactive makes it possible for the specialists at Wittmann and Wittmann Battenfeld in Austria and Germany to stage online demonstrations of their machinery and equipment. Live transmission is established by using a head camera to provide a function for interaction with the customer via a streaming platform. The head cameras are supplemented by mobile lighting and camera technologies. These are plug-in modules equipped to provide lighting, sound and video pictures, which can also be used as additional mobile sites for web conferences right next to injection molding systems.

Of course each online appointment with a customer is generally organized by the salesperson responsible for that particular customer. In this way, it is also possible to stage interactive machine acceptances, technology presentations and training sessions comfortably online, as well as traditional appointments with customers.

Head camera with app for control via Smartphone

Rainer Weingraber, Managing Director and CEO of Wittmann Battenfeld, is confident that with Wittmann Interactive the company has an instrument providing added value for sales not only during the time of restricted personal contact options, but also beyond.

In Wittmann Battenfeld’s technical lab in Kottingbrunn, which has recently been remodeled, the machines currently available for demonstrations include a MicroPower 15/10H/10H Combimould, an all-electric EcoPower 55/350 and an EcoPower 110/350, as well as a MacroPower 1100/12800 with the structured foam technology Cellmould and the internal gas pressure technology Airmould, a servo-hydraulic SmartPower 120/350 with Airmould, a SmartPower 120/350 with LSR, a SmartPower 25/130, a SmartPower 240/750H/210S Combimould, and a vertical VPower 120/130H/210V R1300.

In the technical lab in Meinerzhagen / Germany, Airmould internal gas pressure technology can be shown on a servo-hydraulic SmartPower 120/525. This machine is also fitted out for demonstrating Wittmann 4.0 technology. Additional demonstration models available are a SmartPower 35/130 with Airmould technology, a MacroPower 700/8800 equipped with Airmould, Wittmann 4.0 and Cellmould structured foam technology. A high-speed EcoPower Xpress 300/1100+ with a SONIC 143 robot from Wittmann to minimize removal cycle times with a mold for a thin-walled application stands ready for demonstrations to customers from the packaging industry.

The corporate premises in Nuremberg currently provide the opportunity to view the demonstration of a SmartPower 60/210 Ingrinder, a machine model with a sprue picker and a granulator integrated in its UNILOG B8 control system. A MacroPower 400/3400 equipped with condition monitoring system, Airmould, Cellmould  and Wittmann 4.0, including HiQ application technology software packages, can be shown there as well.

And of course the product specialists at Wittmann Technology in Vienna will be glad at any time to demonstrate the functions of the latest robot models and auxiliaries to their customers with the help of media technology from Wittmann Interactive.

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