Wittmann Battenfeld with full Power at the Plast in Milan

Wittmann Battenfeld with full… From May 29 to June 1, Witmann Battenfeld will present to interested trade visitors latest injection molding technology as well as automation and peripherals at the Plast.

Over the last three years, Italy has developed into one of the most important markets for the Wittmann Group in Europe. This is why the Plast 2018 in Milan is also an important platform for the company to showcase innovative machinery and processes.

In the area of injection molding machines, Wittmann Battenfeld will exhibit at this year’s Plast one example of each machine series from its PowerSeries range in combination with interesting technologies and processes. All machines on display will be equipped with the new UnilogB8 control system running under the Windows 10 IoT operating system which, compared to its predecessor version, offers a large number of additional functions and even more operating comfort. The Wittmann solution for Industry 4.0, known by the name of Wittmann 4.04.0, and its special features will also be demonstrated to visitors on impressive examples.

To demonstrate its multi-component technology, Wittmann Battenfeld will present an application with liquid silicone. On a SmartPower 120/525H/130L Combimould, a 2-component medical part will be produced, in which one component is a thermoplastic material, the other liquid silicone. The parts will be manufactured with a 4+4-cavity mold supplied by the Italian company Silital (Oldrati group), produced by Linea Stampi Srl. The parts will be removed and deposited on a conveyor belt by a W921 robot from Wittmann equipped with the new R9 control system.

The second application presented at the Plast will demonstrate the Airmould internal gas pressure process developed by Wittmann Battenfeld. On an EcoPower 160/750 equipped with an insider cell, a coat hanger will be manufactured with a single-cavity mold from Haidlmair, Austria, using the Wittmann Battenfeld Airmould internal gas pressure process. The Airmould interface is also integrated in the UNILOG B8 control system. The combined compressor and nitrogen generator unit used has been developed and manufactured Wittmann Battenfeld. The parts will be removed and deposited on the conveyor belt integrated in the production cell by a W918 robot from Wittmann with the new R9 robot control system.

Smart Production with individualization and traceability according to the Industry 4.0 concept will be demonstrated on a fully automated and integrated large machine from the MacroPower series. On a MacroPower 500/3400 an attractive TPE shopping bag will be produced with a mold supplied by Haidlmair, Austria, which can be provided with a personalized imprint. At a terminal, all visitors can enter their names. To collect the bag with the personalized imprint, each visitor receives a printed voucher with a QR code, which can then be read in at the delivery station.

Medical 2c part

Medical 2-component part made of thermoplastics and liquid silicone