Wittmann Battenfeld reorganizes its sales network

Wittmann Battenfeld reorganizes…

Wittmann Battenfeld has intensified the cooperation between its Sales and Application Engineering departments so that it can offer customized and industry-specific solutions worldwide faster and in a more targeted way than before. To this end, special focal areas of application technology have been defined and appropriate reorganization measures taken.

In fact, six fields have been selected to receive special attention over the next two years, without neglecting other areas where the company has also been active. These six fields are medical technology, micro injection molding, packaging technology, elastomer engineering, multi-component injection molding and light-weight design. Wolfgang Roth, Head of Application Engineering at Wittmann Battenfeld, will be in charge of directing the product experts jointly with Valentina Faloci, Head of Sales in Kottingbrunn. Valentina Faloci is confident that this type of organization will bring the company a major step forward. “We can make use of our specialists’ knowledge and many years of experience to offer our customers expert advice and optimal support in their growth and the further development of their products”, Faloci comments.

In addition to his executive function, Wolfgang Roth is simultaneously the expert responsible for the silicone injection molding sector, i.e. elastomer engineering. Here, Wittmann Battenfeld supports its customers in micro injection molding of LSR parts all the way to producing large-volume parts with single- or multi-component technology, and offers them in cooperation with selected partners the necessary technologies for fully automatic production without downstream finishing.

Gerald Plöchl will be responsible for the Medical sector. Wittmann Battenfeld has developed a portfolio of machines specially adapted for medical technology, which meets highest standards of safety, clean room compatibility and precision. This range fulfills in every respect the medical sector’s requirement for complete documentation and traceability of the production process.

Valentina Faloci and Wolfgang Roth see great potential in the new sales structure.

Marco Moser is the company’s specialist for light-weight technology. With the Airmould gas injection technology and Cellmould structured foam technology, both developed by Wittmann Battenfeld, it is possible to make molded parts with cavities or with a foam structure. Both these technologies can be used to reduce part weights and thus save material costs.

Martin Philipp Pichler is the micro injection molding expert promoting the integration of various different technologies. He develops and improves solutions for micro part applications in the plastics industry. Extremely small plastic parts are frequently produced with injection molding machines which, due to their size, consume too large quantities of resources and energy. Machines not optimized for the production of micro parts have a negative effect on process time, cost and parts quality. The MicroPower machines from Wittmann Battenfeld as well as their automation and auxiliary components have been specially designed for manufacturing micro parts and consequently offer maximum precision, high quality standards and cost-efficiency for this product range.

Another focal point of application engineering is Combimould multi-component technology, promoted by Edmund Kirsch. Combimould technology has proved its effectiveness in low-cost production of robust and at the same time visually attractive parts made of several different plastic materials.

A new focal area is the sector Packaging, Thin-wall and Custom Closures. Richard Schnabel has assumed responsibility for this sector. Schnabel supports processors in this area with a range of sophisticated injection molding technology and turnkey solutions for efficient, clean production of packaging articles of every form, color and size.

Field sales staff in daily contact with customers on site have access to the expertise of the product specialists, too. “We are confident that by this realignment through pooling our technical expertise and long-term experience in the selected focal areas, we will be able to offer our existing and potential customers an even better support than we have done in the past”, says Valentina Faloci.