Wacker intensifies collaboration with Silspek Rubber

When manufacturing silicone compounds, crosslinkers, pigments and other additives are mixed into the rubber base. These kinds of ready-to-use compounds find application in many industrial areas. Applica-tion fields range from gaskets, molded parts and cable insulation to rubber-coated rolls in photocopiers.

Elastosil stands for a wide range of silicone products. Beside silicone rubbers and silicone rubber dispersions, the brand also includes their related processing additives. Silicone rubbers consist essentially of silicone polymers and fillers. They undergo high-temperature or room-temperature vulcanization, during which the uncured compound is transformed into an elastomeric rubber with a three-dimensional structure. Silicone rubbers are heat resistant, low-temperature flexible and resistant to UV, ozone and radiation and aging; they are easy to process and have good mechanical properties that remain unchanged over a wide temperature range. Elastosil silicones are used in areas such as automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrics, textiles, baby articles, toys, household appliances, and sports articles as well as in the construction industry.

Silspek Rubber has been producing high-temperature-curing and room-temperature-curing silicone rubber compounds for the local household-goods, automotive, electrics, electronics and cable industries since 1999. This family-run business predominantly processes raw materials from the Munich-based chemical group Wacker. Silspek is based in Dobrzen Wielki, Poland, and currently employs 35 people.

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