Wacker intensifies collaboration with Silspek Rubber

Wacker intensifies collaboration with Silspek Rubber
Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, is assigning additional marketing rights to its sales partner Silspek Rubber for the sale of high-temperature-curing silicones. The group is entitling the Polish silicone compounder to market ready-to-use silicone rubber compounds based on Wacker raw materials with the label "Based on Elastosil." This also applies to products distributed under the company’s own label. Wacker has been selling silicone rubbers, silicone rubber dispersions and additives for processing silicone rubber under the Elastosil brand for many years. The main customers for silicone compounds are rubber processors who manufacture molded parts for the automotive, construction, electronics, cable and household-goods industries.

“Eastern Europe is one of Wacker's most important growth regions. This includes Poland, where our silicone elastomer business has developed very well over recent years,” says Peter Summo, head of Wacker's Engineering Silicones business unit. Silicone compounds find application in the Polish household-goods, cable and electrical industries, for example. "Due to our positive experience with Silspek in the past, I am confident that we can further expand our business in the region together," stresses Summo. "Our customers expect short lead times, flexibility and high product quality. In Silspek, we have a partner, who understands the Polish market and, at the same time, has the expertise and technical equipment to produce high-quality silicone compounds."

Silspek’s managing director, Piotr Wochnik, praised the agreement as an important milestone in his company’s partnership with Wacker. "Thanks to the new marketing opportunities, we can use the 'Based on Elastosil' label on silicone compounds that we formulate with Wacker raw materials. This opens up entirely new sales markets, because Elastosil silicones are known for their high quality and reliability worldwide."

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