Vecoplan enters into strategic partnership in the field of plastic recycling

Vecoplan enters into strategic…

Vecoplan supports processors in implementing the circular economy. Europe wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. The circular economy for plastics makes an important contribution. The core element of the EU directive on packaging and packaging waste is the recycling rate. By 2025, member states must recycle at least 65% of their packaging waste. By 2030, the quota will increase to 70 percent.

Chemical recycling is an important approach in the circular economy. It enables the reuse of plastic waste that is too complex to process using mechanical recycling methods but too valuable to dispose of. In chemical recycling, plastics are broken down into their chemical components and used as raw materials for the production of new plastics. This helps to reduce the consumption of fossil resources and prevent environmental pollution from plastic waste. At IFAT, Vecoplan informed experts about the measures it intends to take to intensify its expertise in this area in the long term and entered into a close strategic partnership with Technology.

“Vecoplan has more than 50 years of experience in the processing of recyclable materials - the basis for the production of recyclates,” explains Martina Schmidt, Head of the Recycling I Waste division at Vecoplan. “We are definitely one of the pioneers in this field and can demonstrate a high level of innovation.” The chemical processing of plastics is also becoming increasingly important for the processing technology expert. Two years ago, Vecoplan laid the foundations for this with the introduction of a pioneering cleaning process and the commissioning of the “Cleanikum” - a demonstration and test facility near the headquarters in the Westerwald. But now the company is going one important step further.

The right partner for added customer value

Pla. to Technology, based in Görlitz, offers durable and wear-resistant cleaning processes for economical used plastic recycling and already has 20 years of experience with established systems. This is the best basis for Vecoplan to enter into a strategic partnership in the field of cleaning. With the combination of Vecoplan's high level of expertise in recyclable material processing and's experience in the various cleaning processes, customers will in future receive processing solutions from a single source. Over the past few years, the two partners have perfectly coordinated their proven technologies in various tests.


Common goals with common values

“We have had joint customers since 2007 and our systems complement each other perfectly to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.,” says Heinz Schnettler, General Manager of The two companies follow the same values and principles, and mutual trust plays a central role for both. “Only if we maintain an open and constructive working relationship can we react flexibly and creatively to the constantly changing requirements of our customers,” Martina Schmidt is certain.