Vacurema – the PET recycling technology of the future

Vacurema  – the PET recycling technology of the future
A unique process has become the world's most successful PET recycling technology within only a short space of time: the patented Vacurema technology from Austria's plant engineering specialists Erema.

Since it was launched, the patented Vacurema process has become established as the global standard in processing not only post-consumer PET bottle flakes but also in-house PET waste. Over 140 systems are now in use worldwide. Erema offers Vacurema technology in three different systems – Vacurema Basic, Advanced and Prime – according to the field of application and the requirements placed on the end product.

There are roughly five million tonnes of PET flakes available for recycling around the world. Around one million tonnes of PET flakes are recycled in Europe every year – more than a third with the help of Vacurema technology from Erema.

A total of four large-scale Vacurema Prime systems were supplied to the USA in the year 2011 alone and are now producing approx. 60,000 tonnes of melt-filtered, IV-enhanced and food-contact approved pellets.

Openness and customer care have been the key to success for many years. And it was with this in mind that Erema developed a new system concept in close collaboration with customers.

The new system concept for Vacurema Prime technology is a compact and space-saving all-in-one solution – Erema's answer to the strongly fluctuating rPET market. The user can choose between three different operating modes, according to requirements:
Mode 1: production of 100% rPET pellets
Mode 2: production of 100% rPET flakes
Mode 3: simultaneous production of rPET flakes + rPET pellets

This enables users to produce the rPET they process in different physical forms in line with current market requirements - and they remain flexible as a result. Thanks to this new concept, both decontaminated, pre-dried and crystallised rPET flakes and high-quality, melt-filtered rPET pellets can be produced. Both products are suitable for direct food contact and surpass all minimum requirements in terms of purity and quality.

Erema customers benefit not only from the high quality of the pellets but also from the environmentally friendly ecoSAVE design of the systems. ecoSAVE is an overall package of engineering and process- oriented measures to reduce energy consumption by up to 10 per cent. This reduces CO2 emissions, energy consumption and thus production costs considerably.

Ever since it was founded Erema has always invested in research and design to be able to react to the demands of its customers also in the future. The basic principle of protecting resources and treating them responsibly is pursued relentlessly at all times.