UTECH showcases insulant of choice for low energy buildings

UTECH showcases insulant of choice for low energy buildings
An Innovation Session on the first day of the event (17 April) will open with details of a novel method for making decorative elements for the construction industry, presented by Cannon of Italy, and a paper on the growth of bridge-deck waterproofing from Mitsubishi Plastics of Japan. An afternoon dedicated to construction insulation (18 April) will include presentations on blowing agents, flame retardants and other key raw materials. New developments in manufacturing techniques for rigid-foam insulated products including metal-faced panels will form a key part of this session, as well as papers discussing more specialised applications such as customised polyurethane systems for oil and gas pipeline products and one-component rigid PU foams dispensed from pressure vessels.

Key presentations for visitors interested in in the use of rigid foams in construction projects include:
  • Polyurethane Insulation – the Insulant of Choice for Low-energy Buildings, presented by David Evans of Huntsman Polyurethanes (18 April 2.30pm)
  • The Octopus Method: A Novel Lay-Down Technology for the Production of PUR and PIR Sandwich Elements for the Construction Industry, presented by a team from Bayer MaterialScience AG (18 April, 3.30pm)
  • Novel Fire-Rated Solutions for the European Insulated Metal Panels Construction Market, presented by Giuseppe Vairo, Dow Italia Srl (18 April, 4pm)
  • A New Method for Prediction of Hydrolysis Rates of Glass Syntactic Polyurethane in Deep Sea Applications, presented by Karl Gurt and colleagues Christof Grieser-Schmitz and Ian Lynam of BASF Polyurethanes GmbH (18 April, 4.45pm)

  • Construction-related developments will also feature in the session on Safety, Health and Environmental Issues (17 April, 2pm) organised by ISOPA (the European Isocyanate and Polyol Producers Association), such as the presentation by PU Europe on polyurethane as a sustainable insulation material, featuring the latest report on the 'Passiv Haus' concept using polyurethane materials to create a dwelling with near-zero energy consumption.

    Running alongside the conference, the UTECH Europe Exhibition features more than 100 companies, many of whom will be presenting new solutions and technologies for this vital and fast-growing business segment. For example, Honeywell Fluorine Products will be exhibiting its new Solstice Liquid Blowing Agent which can be used in spray foam and foam insulating panels, as well as speaking in the UTECH Conference on the development of blowing agents for the construction industry.

    Momentive Performance Materials will be launching a number of new Niax products including Niax Silicone L-6638 – a new high-performing silicone surfactant developed to deliver durable construction sandwich panels with elimination of foam surface defects. On the Plasfi stand, visitors can find out about new PU systems for flexible and metal-faced sandwich panels, and on the Mondi Coatings stand visitors can see the company’s portfolio of insulation facings and versatile breathable and non-breathable membranes for all building projects.

    Huntsman Polyurethanes will be exhibiting its VYDRO substrate, a polyurethane-based, lightweight material which can hold 30 times its own weight in water and is an extremely effective planting medium for roofing and hydroponic projects. Visitors can also find out about its VITROX composite resins for the Cure-in-Place-Pipe trenchless technology market.

    INVISTA will be showcasing DYTEK A Amine useful in preparation of concrete sealers and flexible coatings for outdoor applications, and the Silcart SpA stand will feature a new roofing product called Laminglass Defender which repels insects, mites, moulds and bacteria from roofs, thus reducing the impact of these common causes of deterioration.

    Cannon, who will present a road construction paper in the UTECH Innovations session, will also be exhibiting solutions based on discontinuous and continuous methods for the production of insulated boards, sandwich panels, insulated window frames and sectional garage doors.

    Suppliers of ancillary chemicals such ISL- Chemie GmbH, as well as manufacturers of high pressure spray equipment such as Isotherm AG and Tec Mac SRL will also be of interest to those seeking solutions and technology for construction applications.