Transparent polyamide production capacity announced for Marl is now operational

Transparent polyamide production…

As announced, Evonik has doubled its capacity for transparent, high-performance polyamide TROGAMID® CX. The planned expansion went on stream as scheduled in February 2020.

“The reason we created the additional production capacity was because demand for TROGAMID® CX keeps growing. Now we can continue serving and supporting our customers’ growth just as before," says Viviane Papa, who heads up the Granules & Compounds product line at Evonik, explaining the rationale behind the investment.

Proven chemical resistance and lasting transparency

Always perfectly clear, polyamide is semi-crystalline, which makes it more resistant to chemicals and stress cracks than transparent, amorphous plastics. The compound is also highly resistant to UV radiation, absorbs little water, exhibits high dimensional stability, and blends quality and design freedom with superior processing characteristics. This unique combination of properties makes TROGAMID® CX molding compounds suitable for use in a wide range of applications, such as water management, filter technology, laboratory and medical engineering, and the production of containers for the cosmetics industry. In addition to the design freedom it offers, designers of sports and ski goggles also prize the material’s mechanical strength and resistance to chemical substances found in products such as skin creams or hair sprays. This stability—verified for the decorative material in what is known as the sunscreen test—as well as its considerable scratch resistance are also properties required for vehicle interior components.

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