Transforming top load cartoning flexibility with Kliklok

Transforming top load cartoning flexibility with Kliklok
Capable of handling up to 120 cartons per minute, the new TransFormer can now form both lock-style and glue-style cartons on one machine using a single carton forming head. This not only reduces the investment from manufacturers looking to automate packaging processes but dramatically increases productivity and output speeds.

The TransFormer is equipped with an Insight colour touch screen which is designed to improve ease of operation, ideal for food operators looking for machinery that offers high performance, while remaining easy to operate. The touch screen provides engineers with automatic programming functions that help eliminate operator errors and deliver a consistent performance regardless of skill levels. Enhanced diagnostics are also available to help users understand the performance and service requirements of machinery at all times.

Further improving capacity on the production line, the TransFormer's ergonomic waist-level hopper easy carton loading system also ensures that a consistent supply of cartons is regularly replenished, helping to maintain control and high capacity while avoiding delays in production. Its unique servo driven high-precision linear rail plunger mounting system also helps to improve absolute head-to-cavity positioning.

Neil Fowell, Managing Director for Kliklok International, said: "We are delighted to launch the TransFormer to European manufacturers. We believe this is the most innovative carton former on the market today and we can't wait to see it being installed into manufacturing plants across Europe. Innovation has long been a key driver in our business and we can't wait to see the TransFormer provide a flexibility that has never been found in top load carton machinery before."