Third wave of factory automation devices

Third wave of factory automation devices
Omron Corp., Kyoto City, introduces its third wave of factory automation (FA) devices built on a Common Design Platform for unified product specification. The new products include Switch Mode Power Supplies, DIN rail Terminal Blocks, Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifiers, and I/O Relay Terminals.

Omron unified the design of its FA devices to save space and enable smaller-sized control panels. Alternatively, these space-saving FA devices enable panel builders to include more components into the panel and increase its control functionality. In addition, the standardized, smaller size of these components, enable easier and faster control panel customization. Furthermore, the Common Design Platform includes Omron’s proprietary “Push-In Plus” wiring technology, which combines faster wiring with a reliable connection and outstanding vibration resistance. Previous FA devices built on the Common Design Platform have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 7,000 global companies.

Omron has applied the Common Design Platform, which saves space and enables faster wiring to the expanded range of XW5T Terminal Blocks, the G70V I/O Relay Terminals, and the 30W models of S8VK-S Switch Mode Power Supplies, completing the existing line-up of 60,120,240 and 480W models, for wider application.

The expansion of the FA devices built on the unified design platform will have a great combined effect achieved by providing a wide variety of devices. OMRON aims at innovating control panels of customers. Since the component height varies, depending on factors such as power & heat dissipation, the in-panel products are categorized into three main groups with their own specific placement (row) in a control panel: I/O, Control, and Power. Within each category optimized design rules ensure that dead space is reduced and the width between wiring ducts is optimized.

Omron Corporation is a leading industrial automation company that leverages its core sensing & control technologies to expand into businesses, such as control components, electronic components, automotive electronic components, social infrastructure, healthcare, and the environment. Omron was established in 1933, and has around 39,000 global employees, offering products and services in over 110 nations and regions. In the industrial automation business, Omron is contributing to making an affluent society by offering automation technologies which drive innovation in manufacturing as well as products and customer support.

Source: Omron Europe