Textile look of molded surfaces with PolyOne's Smartbatch Fabric FX

Textile look of molded surfaces… At the VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering congress this week, PolyOne is introducing Smartbatch Fabric FX color and additive concentrate. This masterbatch helps manufacturers to efficiently injection mold attractive parts that appear to be covered with textile. In addition, fabric graining and color can be tailored to meet designers' recommendations.

"Smartbatch Fabric FX offers greater design flexibility, and creates attractive, ready-to-use parts that are easier to clean than textile-covered applications," said Christoph Palm, vice president, general manager, Color and Additives EMEA & India for PolyOne. "This masterbatch also helps manufacturers transition from a complex polymers-and-textile process to more efficient, single-step molding."

Fabric FX technology can support applications across various industries, such as transportation, consumer goods, and furniture, and is compatible with a spectrum of polymers, including ABS and PC/ABS.

This concentrate can eliminate the tradeoff designers often face when attempting to add fabrics. While they heighten consumer appeal, textiles also involve a complex manufacturing process and extra steps. Fabric FX also adds design flexibility and greater efficiency, overcoming the fact that fabric doesn't bond easily with intricate curves and shapes, thereby limiting design options and increasing scrap rates.

PolyOne is displaying automotive parts made with Smartbatch Fabric FX at Stand 83A. Potential automotive applications with Smartbatch Fabric FX include A-, B- and C-pillars, door panels, and other interior parts.


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