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TIG big data high-performance analytics framework

With the platform TIG big data, the company is unlocking the potential to interconnect and analyze data from any database (such as those available in MES, ERP, CAQ and maintenance systems). The data are bundled together and processed on the platform. The TIG big data high-performance analytics framework allows companies to unite their worldwide production sites in a central cockpit. With data acquisition, data persistence, integrated data services and various interfaces for third-party vendors, TIG provides companies with a flexible, comprehensive and powerful framework for analyzing their data. The TIG solution comes with an infrastructure that can be adapted to the volume of data in question, and can be hosted both locally and in the TIG Cloud.

TIG authentig MES system

TIG authentig is TIG’s fourth MES system generation. The module software solution ensures smart connections between employees, storage systems, machines, robots, and peripheral units. Active machine communication simplifies and automates the value creation processes. The extensive information from factory planning and operation is flexible and easily scalable and can be distributed in a task-oriented manner. An innovative driver technology ensures a trouble-free machine connection. TIG has managed to establish more than 10,000 highly integrated connections between machines. Assistance systems within the MES solution to provide guidance to staff are currently in their test phase at TIG. The aim here is for the MES system to send suggestions to the operator if there are problems on the machine. This is to be accomplished using data indicating how staff resolved this situation in the past.

The new TIG authentig subscription licensing model offers a simple and cost-effective way to obtain your own MES system. It contains everything manufacturers need to know about their injection molding machines. Thanks to the low initial investment (cost per machine and year, including maintenance), the “TIG authentig subscription” model guarantees a fast return on investment.

Source: Technische Informationssysteme GmbH