TIG’s new brand image

TIG’s new brand image Founded over 20 years ago, Technische Informationssysteme GmbH (TIG) is now the industry leader in quality assurance and production optimization. The MES specialists have grown especially strongly in the past year, with the number of employees doubling to more than 60 during that period alone. Thanks to its new TIG 2go and TIG big data products – along with TIG authentig, its most successfully-established MES system - the smart factory is becoming a reality, making outstanding advances in the megatrend of Industry 4.0. Reason enough for TIG to present a new brand image. The Austrian company is also ensuring that it is fit for the future in its visual presentation, announcing a new design and logo.

Fresh new look for TIG

In the interest of continuity and in keeping with the company’s culture and strategy, TIG has taken more of an evolutionary than a radical approach when it comes to refining its brand image. The new, younger, and fresher logo is modern and, all in all, more recognizable: The typeface is incisive and contemporary, with the strong “TIG” name speaking for itself. It reflects the slogan – “efficiency guaranteed” - along with the aim of effectively and efficiently integrating MES systems across national borders and internal structures.

There are three dots in the top-right corner, symbolizing an arrow pointing onward and upward to the future. TIG will also present a new and modern homepage design at the Fakuma trade fair in 2018. TIG’s new product range also sets the course for the future. It ranges from TIG 2go (the new low-cost entry-level solution) to TIG big data (the extensive and location-independent solution) and TIG authentig (the well-established MES system).

TIG 2go monitoring solution

The MES specialist offers a simple monitoring solution in the form of TIG 2go. This enables many plastics processors unwilling to invest in a complex MES solution to keep track of their production. TIG 2go operates in TIG’s dedicated cloud, independent of the user’s IT infrastructure. Simple hardware components can be used to connect each machine from this environment via standard interfaces with the highest security level. Poor transmission speeds pose no problem in this regard. This makes it possible to digitally identify the state of the machine; for instance, the quantity, quality, and rejects.

Depending on what data the machine can deliver, a more advanced communication can be established; for example, process values and scrap reasons could be collected. This solution also provides extremely attractive value for money. The user pays a euro a day for each machine. TIG 2go provides access to the MES world and is quite consciously on offer as an “out-of-the-box” product. If customers want more, it is possible to switch over to TIG authentig. TIG 2go is the appetizer, making a positive impression with its ease of use and implementation. TIG 2go is designed for use on smartphones and tablets.