Successful results for Moretto at PLAST’09

Such events can cause problems like the appearance of angel hairs and the forming of powder, to be avoided during the transformation. More-over, they can cause premature wear of the transport pipe, possibly lead-ing to perforation in the area of pipe bends and in flexible pipes.

To summarize, these are the issues that can arise in a traditional trans-port system that can ensure a supply of the plastic granule to the trans-former machines but, at the same time, presents problems not solved yet.

KruiseKontrol has been developed in order to achieve flexible transporta-tion, designed to obtain correct transportation according to the nature of every kind of granule used and, to avoid the possible problems described above, provide every material type with its own designated parameters.

KruiseKontrol intervenes by means of a series of sensors that can control vacuum and speed within the transport pipes, accomplishing a closed loop system able to change a centralized plant in automatic speed control in feeding systems. KruiseKontrol intervenes also in suction cycles, able to reduce speed extremes generated at the beginning and during pipe clean-ing phases.

KruiseKontrol is able to intervene drastically on the transportation of plas-tic material in granule form, managing every second of the transportation along the entire process path. This ensures management and optimization of the 13 possible variables within the vacuum transport. Consequently, it will be possible to create a profile for every material and every machine, totally automatic. The challenge to be accepted was surely this: a variable transportation. Considerable efforts have been made to simplifying the management of a system of such complexity. KruiseKontrol is equipped with an eight-inch colour monitor with touch screen interface. The layout of the ONE WIRE feeding system will appear on the screen. When touching the image of a receiver, a display with only two parameters to be set ap-pears.

When touching “material”, a list of 40 different materials appears, listed by initials: i.e. ABS, PVC, PS, PA, etc. It will suffice to choose the required material, so that the dedicated profile with the relevant default parame-ters can be set. In addition to the 40 profiles already available, another 40 customized materials can be set. The second parameter is “machine num-ber”. With these two parameters, the system is ready to express its plus, contributing to create value added and reduction of production wastes. Each machine can be coupled to a different material, with different fea-tures and KruiseKontrol manages every single cycle automatically, every single transport, every single material, equally automatically.

KruiseKontrol makes available data for every single transport cycle. Be-sides, it provides a dynamic real speed track for every kind of material, also alarm archive options, planned maintenance and on-line help. Dedi-cated system security and total control of the transport process is guaran-teed by a three level password facility. KruiseKontrol can be connected to the MOWIS supervising system; it is also an OMS&P project.