Styrolution launched three new Zylar grades

Styrolution launched three…
The new grades expand the innovative Zylar portfolio, which consists of diverse grades of methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene copolymers. Zylar products are characterized by water clear transparency, high flowability, good chemical resistance and customizable toughness. The development and addition of Zylar 650, Zylar 245 and Zylar 765 are further proof of Styrolution's commitment to innovation in transparent specialties and offers customers new material options in a range of industries including healthcare, household, toys/sports/leisure and packaging.

Enhancing a market-leading offering in transparent specialties: The new Zylar grades further modernize and strengthen the existing Zylar portfolio, which ranges from the extremely impact resistant Zylar 960 to the versatile and medium-impact grades Zylar 550 and Zylar 650. Globally available, both Zylar 960 and Zylar 650 extend the overall portfolio in EMEA and abroad. The continuously innovative Zylar portfolio also offers two new grades with a gradual stiffness-toughness ratio. Zylar 245 boasts high clarity, good scratch resistance and excellent stiffness for applications requiring practical toughness, Zylar 765 combines clarity and high impact resistance for applications that call for greater material strength.

Currently produced out of Styrolution's Schwarzheide facility, the new grades, as well as the entire Zylar portfolio, provide global and EMEA customers with greater supply security. This will be further enhanced in the fourth quarter of 2014 with the startup of a new NAS and Zylar plant in Ludwigshafen. With two European production sites for Zylar, EMEA customers will not only benefit from local supply but also from dedicated service teams that offer expertise in selected focus industries, technical support, regulatory services and certifications.