Sidel expands its range of hot fillers for beverages with particles

Sidel expands its range of…
Sidel is launching its new Veloce ISD which guarantees dosing accuracy and particle integrity to dose particles in hot filling.

“The consumption of beverages including pulps or particles is becoming more and more popular and corresponds to a request for more natural and value added products,” highlights Gero Von Stackelberg, Product Manager Sensitive Products. Answering to this trend, Sidel is launching the new Veloce ISD hot filler with Integrated Slurry Dosing. It is dedicated to fill typical beverages such as pulpy juices, flavored waters with fruit pieces, Chinese speciality drinks and aloe vera or coconut-based drinks in PET containers. This new filler can dose particles up to 10x10x10 mm in size and with particle quantity concentration ranges from 10 to 200 ml, depending on the recipe and bottle size (from 200ml to 2l).

The Veloce ISD in-line filler includes double stage filling after the bottle rinsing: first, the dosage of a certain amount of particles in pumpable slurry, and then the filling of the bottle with liquid juice. The very high accurate dosage of the Veloce ISD guarantees a very steady and precise quantity of particles in the final beverage filled.

This filler also guarantees the filled beverage quality, and consequently, can maintain the physical integrity of the particles. Less than 10% of the particles are damaged during processing and filling. It really highlights the premium image of the beverage which feels perfectly authentic.

The monobloc handles plastic bottles by the neck and is composed of a rinser, doser, filler and capper. The slurry dosing turret is equipped with contactless valves for improved hygienic filling. The traditional filling tube is replaced by a special design of the valve for volumetric dosing, patented by Sidel. Due to the horizontal position of the lower surface of the valve cone, the flow cut off of the stream is very precise and does not cause any dripping or product wastage. Capping is much safer as no microbiological risk between the neck thread and the cap can occur.

The slurry dosing turret for the slurry has its own recirculation and cleaning circuit in a closed loop, just like the juice filler where the filling volume is determined by individual flow-meters for high precision filling.

A single automation allows one unique user interface (PLC) to control the entire monobloc, from rinsing to particle dosing and product filling. For upstream, the filler acts as a master in order to synchronize the two slave processing systems, one for the juices and one for the slurry, to ensure energy savings and minimize product loss during start and end of production.
The Veloce ISD is available as a stand-alone filler or in Combi configuration, an integrated blow-fill-cap solution, and is “a full integrated solution to guaranty the customer’s product integrity”, ends Gero Von Stackelberg.


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