Scanfill invests in a new production line

Scanfill invests in a new…

Packaging company Scanfill AB continues to invest. Now with the help of a brand new foil extruder, giving the company even more opportunities to produce efficient and recyclable material.

Scanfill AB, an packaging company based in Sweden, manufactures environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging material, based on renewable raw materials. The company, a part of the Polykemi Group, works hard to take care of the earth's resources, and their environmentally friendly material plays an important part of their work to reduce food waste. 

During the autumn of 2019, Scanfill AB installed another foil extruder that can produce a wider range of materials and is also more efficient than its predecessors. 

– Now we can produce up to seven layer structure materials with five extruders, tailored to meet customer's unique requirements. This new technology enables us to meet the increasingly stringent demands that the market places on the packaging industry, explains Pontus Björklund, Technical Manager at Scanfill AB. 

– The new line gives us the capacity to produce barrier materials that are recyclable and have adaptable sealing properties. This allows us to customize the foil even more specifically to the customer's requirements and minimize the resources required. 

The fact that the machine is both flexible and physically wider, opens up opportunities to work with new industries such as electronics and construction. 

– With the new line, we will be able to use recycled material more efficiently by being able to build layered structures that allow the foil’s core to be produced from recycled material, says Oscar Hugoson, Vice President at Scanfill. 

Ventures into new markets

The packaging company Scanfill AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polykemi AB. The company is based in Ystad and since its inception in 2008, sales have increased year after year. This autumn, Scanfill AB presented a new website and played an active part in the debate on sustainable packaging materials. In light of the growing interest in recent years on these topics, this southern Swedish company has gained important market share in both Sweden and Europe. 

– Scanfill AB continues to grow in Northern Europe, just this year we have ventured into new markets, like Germany, Slovakia and Poland, says Oscar Hugoson, Vice President. 

– We see a growing interest in our products and we welcome the discussion on a sustainable future. For us, it is a matter of course to take care of the earth's resources, and we work consciously to make our products have as little impact on the environment as possible, which is why sustainable packaging material for us is the logical outcome.