SPE Innovation Award for Röchling

Innovative Design Meets High Quality

Advanced net-shape processing allows pre-formed components to be built in order to skip trimming phases such as the trimming of sensor seat and resonator, and it saves material resources too. Additionally, there is no need for an internal protection layer to shield the material from exposure to acidic blow-by fluids. This high-performance thermoplastic isomer (TPE) consisting of alkyl acrylate copolymer (ACM, acrylic rubber) and polyamide 6 (PA6) combines the positive properties of two materials in one composite. Compared to the kind of rubber used for similar applications, the specific rubber phase is more oil-, grease- and heat resistant, it improves flex fatigue properties and it ensures flexibility at low temperatures, while the polyamide plastic phase is easy to process. This compound effortlessly withstands 2.7 bars of overpressure at 125 degrees Celsius, making it meet the highest possible demands in terms of physical resistance. In contrast to other types of rubber, both materials are fully recyclable, so they reduce overall costs dramatically.

Taking the Next Step in a Longstanding Tradition of Awards

As a symbol of excellence, Röchling Automotive has been presented with an award for its innovative turbocharged air duct by the Society of Plastics Engineers, which consists of the leading experts in plastics manufacturing worldwide. In the course of a festive gala evening, the German supplier received the award in the category "powertrain" from the SPE Automotive Division in Detroit in November 2013. Winners of the 43rd SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Competition were chosen on the basis of a prequalification round as well as presentations made before a panel of experts from industry.

This award is the fifth step in Röchling Automotive's history with regard to SPE Awards. As a result of innovative developments and many years of consistent high-quality manufacturing, the plastics specialist has already received one US SPE Award and three European SPE Awards.

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