SIGMA Engineering presents SIGMA Award for the first time

SIGMA Engineering presents… During the third SIGMASOFT International User Meeting at the beginning of November SIGMA Engineering presented the SIGMA Award for the first time. Rewarded projects show a consistent use of SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding to reduce costs or necessary resources significantly. The first winners are GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik and Speedturtle.

For years SIGMA Engineering GmbH, Aachen, Germany, finds projects at their customers, in which the full potential of modern simulation approaches has been used. To honor the customers, who optimize their projects with a consistent use of SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding, in 2017 SIGMA presented the SIGMA Award for the first time. It is granted to customers, who in realizing new projects shorten the SoP and significantly reduce costs and resources by the comprehensive use of SIGMASOFT. The award ceremony was part of the SIGMASOFT International User Meeting.

The first SIGMA Award is granted to the company GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik GmbH from Frankenberg, Germany. Dipl. Ing. Marco Kwiatkowski, Head of Production and Development Thick Film, explained how hot runners are optimized at GÜNTHER with the help of SIGMASOFT. “The thermally and rheologically calculated hot runners can be mounted on the mold immediately at our customers and allow a continuous and indulgent processing of the polymer due to the uniform temperature distribution from the connection nozzle over the manifold and hot runner nozzle up to the cavity. Because of the thermal evaluation of our manifold systems we can eliminate unbalanced filling of cavities due to hot spots or cold areas”, explains Kwiatkowski. “We are delighted at winning the first SIGMA Award.”

Because of the many projects worthy of recognition, SIGMA decided to already grant a second award during the first ceremony. The mold maker Speedturtle from Batalha, Portugal, only started working with SIGMASOFT in the middle of 2016. Since then, General Manager Marco Ruivo and his team could already optimize a number of molds with the help of simulation. “With using SIGMASOFT we take more time for the first steps during designing a new mold, but in the end we can deliver to our customers much faster, as we have less iterations for each mold. The honor of the SIGMA Award shows us we are definitely following the right approach”, explains Ruivo.

“Our customers use simulation on a very high level”, explains Thomas Klein, General Manager of SIGMA, “With the SIGMA Award we want to acknowledge how they solve complex and challenging questions with the help of our software.”

Winners SIGMA Award 2017

Winners of the SIGMA Award 2017 with the management of SIGMA (left to right): Thomas Klein, General Manager at SIGMA, Dipl. Ing. Marco Kwiatkowski (Günther Heisskanaltechnik), Marco Ruivo (Speedturtle) and Dipl. Ing. Timo Gebauer, CTO SIGMA

Source: SIGMA Engineering GmbH

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