SABIC to Showcase at Plastpol Advanced Materials and Application Development Expertise

Other packaging innovations include the SABIC® LDPE UMS (Ultra Melt Strength) foam line for foam applications, including foam sheeting and sealing, which can deliver significant savings in materials and energy. The UMS materials are less temperature-sensitive, allowing a wider operating window for machine temperatures. This combination of properties delivers considerable material and energy savings, supporting converters in their efforts to improve their cost and sustainability performance.

Clarified polypropylene (PP) grades for storage containers and other packaging applications offer improved optical performance and energy savings for converters. SABIC® PP Qrystal random copolymer grades can be processed at significantly lower temperatures than comparable grades without loss of transparency, resulting in energy savings of up to 15 percent. SABIC PP® Qrystal is a potential choice for housewares, office and home storage, lids and caps & closures.

The SABIC® PP Flowpact range of polymers may provide benefits to converters, particularly in thin-wall packaging. Flowpact grades offer shorter cycle times and lower energy costs with the potential for significant material down-gauging.

In healthcare, SABIC has introduced two new PP random copolymer grades.
SABIC® PP PCGR02 is an extrusion-blow moulding grade which can be applied for bottles and ampoules. This material exhibits good contact transparency, impact strength and excellent processability. The second new resin, SABIC® PP PCGR25, features the high clarity and good antistatic properties necessary for injection moulded housings of disposable syringes. SABIC® PP PCGR25 may also be used for other parts that benefit from its excellent optical properties as well as its broad processing window.

Infrastructure is another major sector where SABIC has achieved notable growth, with offerings for non-pressure, high-pressure, scratch-resistant and corrugated pipe, among others. The new SABIC® Vestolen A RELY family of tough, sustainable and cost-effective bimodal HDPE materials for pressure pipe applications, offers converters considerable energy savings and enables environmentally responsible pipe installation. Developers and contractors can select trenchless pipe installation such as guided boring and horizontal directional drilling that reduce impact on the environment.

SABIC® Vestolen PP random copolymer grades for drinking water pipes and fittings are heat stabilised to handle hot water transport. These high molecular weight materials offer good resistance to extraction and leaching.

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