Roll ‘N Blow: Bottle Thermoforming machine

Roll ‘N Blow: Bottle Thermoforming machine
Roll ‘N Blow: An innovative and economic technology for the manufacturing of bottles from a plastic sheet.

Serac will present world exclusive on its booth at Interpack trade the Bottle Thermoforming machine ‘Roll N Blow’ of the French start-up Agami, company of which Serac is a shareholder. This machine allows producing bottles at a cost and a material weight much lower than the conventional methods. It is based on an innovative technology of tubular thermoforming from a plastic sheet in reel. This technology authorizes high and round shapes for a volume from 100 to 500 ml. It addresses fresh dairy products industry and more particularly drinking yoghurts, and also fruit juices.
Numerous plastic materials are compatible with the thermoforming (PS, PP, PLA, PET).

The production of a plastic film extruded at high pace and large width is very economic. The plastic goes directly from stage of sheet to bottle. This represents savings of purchase of the order of 30 to 50 %.

The use of reels of plastic sheet as basic material allows to reduce the costs of transport, storages and manipulations of bottles or empty preforms upstream to the blowing.

In terms of utilities all the consumptions are reduced with regard to the conventional technologies: the blowing is implemented at low-pressure (< 6 bar) and at low temperature (< 150°C). No necessity of high-pressure compressor and electric consumption is 2 to 3 times lower compared to traditional blowing of preforms.

Roll N Blow 4 tracks thermoforming machine that will be presented to the trade authorizes a pace of 7000 packagings/hour.