Robust connectors for automotive wire harnesses

Robust connectors for automotive…
BASF is expanding its range of engineering plastics as the trend toward miniaturization persists for electronic components in cars: With the new Ultradur grade B4340ZG2 High Speed (HSP) connectors will be more robust against damage such as breaks and cracks.

In applications such as wire harnesses, robust and unbreakable plug-in connectors are needed as replacing broken, individual end sections involves a great deal of work and expenditure. Specifically for this application, the new PBT grade has optimized product properties: Ultradur B4340ZG2 HSP for thin-walled plug-in connectors combines high flowability with very good impact strength.

Ultradur B4340ZG2 HSP also boasts excellent electrical properties. The CTI (Comparative Tracking Index, track resistance, IEC 60112) is 600 volts and therefore permits minimum distances between the conductor tracks in plug-in connectors.

Ultradur B4340ZG2 HSP is available in commercial quantities as of now and samples can be ordered.



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