Reifenhäuser Group hands over cheqpacs to digital agency spacepilots

Reifenhäuser Group hands over…

The Reifenhäuser Group hands over the sustainability app cheqpacs to the previous development partner spacepilots, a Cologne-based digital agency. In October 2019, Reifenhäuser presented cheqpacs, an evaluation tool that informs consumers about resource efficiency, recyclability and recyclate content after scanning a package. The app already has a large user group in Germany. Spacepilots will now realize the scaling and internationalization of the app.

Bernd Reifenhäuser, CEO of the Reifenhäuser Group says: “We are a machine and plant manufacturer. With cheqpacs, we have for the first time approached end consumers directly. We have learned what consumers and retailers really want. This was very valuable. Now it is time to further develop this tool outside the plastics industry. spacepilots can do this better. With the joint project R-Cycle, we are instead concentrating on developing the standard for a functioning circular economy in the plastics industry together with other companies”.

Spacepilots sees great potential in cheqpacs. Christoph Bresler, CEO of spacepilots says: “We want to make the results of the worldwide sustainability initiatives transparent and understandable for every user. The app can help us do this because it touches a nerve in our society. In the coming months we want to expand the user numbers and product data and publish cheqpacs in more countries. We are very much looking forward to further developing the tool.

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