Recyclable vodka bottle release by Artenius PET Packaging Europe

Recyclable vodka bottle release…
Artenius PET Packaging Europe (APPE) is Europe's leading manufacturer of PET preforms and single and two stage containers as well as being a pioneer of PET recycling in Europe.

The 35cl PET bottle, which is recyclable, has been produced by Artenius PET Packaging and was designed to replicate the glass bottle it replaces. Although traditionally PET bottles have much smaller dimensions than the equivalent sized glass bottles, for The Co-operative vodka, the task for the technical team at Artenius was to create a bottle with proportionate height and width. Keeping the height of the PET bottle comparable to the glass version was key to maximising on-shelf presence and also enabled The Co-operative to retain a similar size label, which ensures that all the required legal information can be easily incorporated.

Recyclable vodka bottle release by Artenius PET Packaging Europe

The bottle is single stage stretch blow moulded on a Nissei machine. The GF305 neck finish uses the same screw cap as the glass bottle. Virgin PET was selected because it offers excellent clarity, which matches the purity of the vodka and projects a premium image for the spirit.

The PET bottle weighs 40g, representing an 85% saving over the glass alternative.

“This was a significant project in that it involved the retailer, filler and packaging manufacturer working together from the very early stages to ensure that the final pack met the needs of the consumer and the supply chain while also delivering positive environmental benefits,” comments Martene Spencer, Business Development Manager of Artenius PET Packaging Europe.