Radici's upcoming webinar

Radici's upcoming webinar

RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers presents its latest innovations in two separate webinar sessions.

First session topics :

E-mobility: illustration of some criteria for the choice of materials based on application needs, with particular reference to battery systems, power management, thermal management. Examples will be illustrated of applications in series and some hints will be provided of projects under development with highly innovative solutions.

  • High temperature advanced grades for the automotive sector: introduction of the polyamides family for high temperature applications, including the new PA6-GF (high heat resistant). Data on long-term exposure at high temperatures and selection criteria based on use conditions will also be presented.
  • Effective structural part design optimization: an emblematic case will be presented that illustrates RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers approach to the design of structural components. This through the use of advanced technologies both in the material characterization and in the design approach. The latter also links performance to molding conditions and injection gate position. The use of these advanced design techniques acquires an even greater value for a correct design of components, especially in the presence of high stresses (including fatigue and creep), and is the ideal tool for an efficient metal replacement activity.
  • “Modern industry is highly dynamic with continuously changing customer demands. For this reason RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers considers innovation in materials and development  technical support as strategic success factors”

Session 1

E-mobility: our solutions for today and challenges for the future (15 min) Erico Spini

Auto sector: new polyamides for use at high temperatures (15 min) Davide Roncato

Advanced virtual simulation for an effective structural part design optimization (15 min) Carlo Grassini

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