R&P “Polyplastic” offers compounds for oil-submersible cables

R&P “Polyplastic” offers compounds…

R&P Polyplastic specializes in development and production of thermoplastic compound materials for processing by pressure, blow and extrusion molding. Main fields of application include the automotive industry, production of household appliances and construction materials.

In the context of diversification of sales in the recent years, R&P Polyplastic paid special attention to developing innovative compounds for the cable industry. The company’s R&D Centre created materials made from block copolymers of propylene with increased resistance to impact of oil products under the Armlen brand name. These materials can be used for production of cable insulations for oil-submersible pumps with temperature of exploitation up to 125°С. 

Armlen PP-6TEX and Armlen PP-9TEX materials have a unique set of characteristics including increased frost resistance and thermal stability. The above-mentioned materials have already been tested at a number of cable plants and proved their efficiency.  

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